In the technological stakes Google has always run a poor placing behind thoroughbreds like Apple and Samsung, but is that about to change. Pixel 2 is pushing for airtime usually reserved for these well-established champions. It is packed full of features like: dual stereo speakers; dual OIS, the E-SIM and unlimited storage. Say goodbye to headphone jacks with the launch of Google Assistant equipped wireless earbuds, however, which may annoy some. IP67 Certification for dust and water resistance brings Pixel 2 to the starting line with the big boys in the phone stakes.

Pixel 2: Is Google Stepping Up Its Game?

Consumers are pregnant with anticipation for this baby to be released. It may have a name like a kid’s animated feature, but it is set to deliver Google some serious oohs and aaahs. Hopefully it will not be like pulling teeth to find Pixel 2 in the stores. Supply issues have plagued Google in the past with Nexus and earlier versions of Pixel. This Android device might just tip the scales Google’s way in the smartphone stakes. The Pixel 2 XL and Pixel 2 will not come cheap, folks, thoroughbreds rarely do.

Phones are clearly the most important gadget in people’s lives in the twenty first century. Therefore, the price they are willing to pay for them will only continue to rise. Expectations in terms of technological innovations have never been higher. Phones must deliver on memory, performance and capabilities. Paying just under a thousand bucks for a phone is no longer the reserve of the rich and famous, it seems. A good looking and, even, better functioning smartphone is de rigueur for the average human being. A phone is multiple devices in one slimline box, linking people to the cloud and all its possibilities.

Google’s Pixel 2 is stepping up its game and android fans are sure to come to the party. They may be bringing new guests and fans to launch this baby into the hemispheres. Upgraded OLED Display will be better for more accurate colour reproduction. Dual camera OIS will make these the best camera phones on the market. 64GB or 128GB doubles the storage base with the Pixels. The E-SIM Slot might be the game changer, giving the user the ability to switch from network to network. This will make them the first smartphone to have this capability. Time to check out Pixel 2 for your next phone? Could be!